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“As in many other areas of our everyday lives, the Internet of Things is also becoming prevalent in industry, where it connects real and virtual worlds of production. The fusion of these two worlds via the Internet enables manufacturers to connect all machines, products and systems involved in the production process.”

The Industrial Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 heralds an era of unlimited potential to change the industrial landscape. Will this become the age of ultimate industrial automation? What efficiencies and new opportunities can be realised as a result? How can the complexities be understood and challenges overcome? The event will explore how the IoT is impacting existing industry value chains, business models and workforces, and what actions business leaders must take to ensure long-term success and real return on investment.

Connected Industry IoT summit is a focused industrial IoT event filled with the essential updated and latest strategies on how you can monetize and capitalize the industrial Internet of Things. Over 150 high level industry experts and 20+ speakers will gather this November in New Delhi to discuss and define the future of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Be part of the event packed with real world case studies that will help you set your technology strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT implementation by determining which new technologies will drive IoT to the next development stage. Uncover the investment priorities of C-level execs from the industry and identify which devices, applications and services offer the greatest revenue potential today.

  • Key Themes:
  • Rethink the technology strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT: How smart, connected products are changing companies
  • Master the data-driven business models that create new revenue streams: Turn product data into insight
  • Smart Factories: Building the factories of the future
  • Harnessing the power of IoT and M2M technology: to transform field services, Logistics, fleet, supply chain and asset management
  • Discover the possibilities opening up with the convergence of the digital and physical world
  • Interoperability: The importance of allowing interoperability of devices in the world of IoT and how far away are we from a universal standardisation? Discussing the implementation of open source and open standards
  • Cloud: IoT is all about platforms and applications. How can the cloud enable IoT innovation?
  • Security: Tackling data security and privacy challenges of the IoT
  • The human factor: The Internet of Things and Humans involves new ways of thinking about how humans and things cooperate differently when the things get smarter
  • Find out about expanding and shifting industry boundaries: how IoT technologies are changing competition
  • Interactive sessions and carefully planned networking activities will give you the chance to:
  • Assess the market potential for new growth areas
  • Know what it takes to safeguard your devices and data
  • Find pragmatic solutions to the most common security threats
  • Master the data-driven business models to create new revenue streams
  • Reasons to Attend :
  • Learn: About new technologies, new practices, and emerging standards
  • See: The latest products from leading suppliers
  • Listen: how others are solving some of your most challenging issues
  • Discuss: your issues and ideas with peers, suppliers, and analysts
  • Brainstorm: On new ideas and approaches that would make you more effective and efficient
  • Expand: your knowledge by attending sessions with formats designed to enhance learning
  • Get Inspired: Listen to the inspirational use case studies and get motivated for implementation.
  • Solicit Business: We make sure to offer opportunities to make new connections and solicit new businesses
  • Meet: The Experts and Influencers face to face in person.
  • Inject: your requirements into supplier product roadmaps

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet all IoT stakeholders under one roof, covering your knowledge and practical needs from conception and strategy, through to implementation and successful case studies.

About Organizer

CRUX CENTRE FOR SECURITY RESEARCH AND EVENTS (CCSRE) is a non- profit, non-partisan charitable organisation.

  • The objectives of CCSRE are as follows-
  • To Create Group of non-partisan peoples dedicated to the study and identify challenges and threats likely to affect internal security and critical infrastructure security of India.
  • To create a safe place for community and law enforcement agencies to openly discuss barriers that prevent us from building a positive relationship that will lead to healthier community-police relations.
  • To change public perception and build positive and progressive image of the police amongst people.
  • To create awareness among the common citizens about the various government, police and private sector initiatives which are meant for the betterment of common citizen’s security and safety.
  • To collate, interpret, analyze and generate opinion on issues related to cyber/information security, corporate security and physical security.
  • To bring insights on the latest issues and trends in cyber security, and food for thoughts on how to mitigate the risk of cyber attack. Also to bring together cyber security experts and industry leaders from law enforcement agencies, public and private sectors around the world to share their best practices in addressing the emerging challenges of cyber security.
  • To provide neutral platform to technology providers to showcase their products and services through our events for smart policing, physical security, critical infrastructure, IoT, Cyber Security, etc.

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